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Smooth Running: A Guide to Practice Transitions

Thomas F. Ziegler, DDS, MS, JD, President and Founder of Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd., retired orthodontist of 30 years and practicing attorney of 20 years has written a new article for the December 2015 Issue of OrthoTown Magazine. The article is titled Smooth Running: A Guide to Practice Transitions and is a summary of different types of practice transition and the practice valuation process, or Practice Appraisal.

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Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt: Buying an Existing Practice vs. Being an Associate

Steven M. Ziegler, Vice President of Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd., has written a new article for the July 2015 Issue of Orthodontic Products Magazine. The article is titled The Right Path and addresses the common misconception held by orthodontic residents and recent orthodontic graduates that, in order to pay down their student loan debt as quickly as possible, being an Associate right out of school is the best path. In reality, buying an existing practice is a far better financial move than being an Associate, espcially when considering a resident’s high student loan debt, and this article addresses the specifics surrounding that issue.

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Ziegler Practice Transitions Revolutionizes Orthodontic & Dental Practice Matching

For years we have been working on a better Practice Matching Program, and it’s finally here!

Now, Buyers and Sellers can quickly and easily find one another while maintaining the Sellers’ anonymity. Our fully automated online system allows Buyers to search all of the listings throughout the country or sort by state and/or type of listing. Requesting contact from Sellers is merely a click away and Sellers never have to worry about their identity being revealed because everything is managed through an anonymous messaging platform within our site!

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Steven Ziegler featured in Orthodontic Products Magazine

Orthodontic Products Magazine will be running an article featuring an interview with Steven Ziegler, Vice President – Client Relations for Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd., in the Industry Insider section of their November 2009 issue. The article is titled Time to Sell? and discusses Ziegler Practice Transitions’ Free Practice Matching Assistance Program as well as recent trends regarding Senior Orthodontists and their decisions to hire an Associate, bring in a Partner or Retire and Sell their practice.

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ZPT Sponsors University of Oklahoma Residents Cycling Team

Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. has provided $3,000 in funding for the orthodontic residents of the University of Oklahoma for the purpose of creating and maintaining an amateur cycling team.

Here is a statement from the team:

The OU orthodontic cycling team consists of five orthodontic residents currently at the University of Oklahoma. We share a common interest in athletics, running, and cycling. We thought it would be a great idea to have a cycling team and compete together in various cycling events and even triathlons.

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Updated ZPT Website Launched

We are happy to report that our new website is now up and running!

New features include Tons of New Content, Online Registration for our Free Practice Matching Assistance Program and our All New Learning Center.

Be sure to visit our new site regularly as we will continue to provide you with the best Practice Transition information available on the internet!