Seller Representation for Practice Transitions

Single Representation of the Seller

When the Buyer has independent representation, the Seller will need an attorney to negotiate on his/her behalf and draft the documents to facilitate the transition. We will educate the Seller with regard to the options available and the consequences of those options with respect to the overall transition. We will provide an attorney to negotiate, draft and revise all of the necessary documents in order to finalize the transition. We will consult with the practice accountant and attorney to make sure the plan meets their requirements, as well as those of the Buyer’s representatives.

Consulting Fees for Seller Representation

The maximum consulting fees for Seller Representation are as follows:

Practice Appraisal$7,500
Purchase & Sale Documents$24,500
Total Cost$32,000

* If your transition does not involve an Associate Period or a Post-closing Employment Period for the Seller, then there will not be an Employment Agreement. The consulting fee for the Employment Agreements exists only if your transition requires one. All Employment Agreements required for your transition are covered by this one consulting fee.