Partnership Counseling

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Dr. Marc Cooper’s professional career includes periodontist, private practice, academician, researcher, teacher, consultant, coach, trainer, seminar director, board director, author, entrepreneur and inventor. His consulting company has been in existence since 1984. Dr. Cooper’s client experience includes health care entities from numerous solo private practices to large hospital systems, from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. His weekly newsletter has subscribers in thirty-one (31) countries. He works with clients throughout North America with a few select international clients. Dr. Cooper has studied with masters in a number of disciplines, participated in formal business educational programs, worked as an independent contractor with several top-flight consulting companies and developed a suite of online business assessment tools. Dr. Cooper currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

The Mastery Company is a unique practice management consulting enterprise that works with dentists to change not only what they do, but who they are. With the Mastery Company’s proven technologies and three (3) decades of experience, they are able to not only assist their clients to establish effective structures, processes and systems, but also transform who they are as leaders, managers, owners and partners.

The Mastery Company