Demographic Analysis & Market Research

Without understanding the nature of the location or the character of the population they wish to serve, many doctors make one of the most expensive and crucial decisions in their lives on a whim. Much like playing a game of darts blindfolded, when the doctor fails to do due diligence in investigating a practice site, loans can be refused, business plans will be wrong, and the hoped-for development of a practice will not be possible. The costs in time, effort, and money can be great.

Doctor Demographics

Scott McDonald, healthcare’s “Whether Man” explains the options: whether a site should be acquired, whether a population should be targeted, and whether a practice model will be successful. He provides expertise that is rare or entirely absent from the field of site location and practice promotion. He represents the nexus between vendors of data and the doctor by combining his experience and training in demographics and marketing with an informed understanding of the workings of the professional practice.

Ziegler Transitions Promo from Scott McDonald on Vimeo.

As owner and president of Doctor Demographics, LLC, Scott has been serving general and specialty practices for nearly 30 years. The largest provider of healthcare practice demographic site analysis, market segmentation, and strategy in the nation, Scott provides statistically reliable analysis that is backed up by solid research.

Shortly after the regulations of professional marketing changed in 1977, Scott helped start organized dentistry’s first efforts in public relations and advertising as the former Marketing Manager for the California Dental Association. Since that time he has worked with healthcare practices and associations across the U.S. and Europe.

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