Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Ready to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Whether you want to hire an Associate, bring in a Partner or Sell your practice entirely, Ziegler Practice Transitions is here to help with the industry’s first anonymous, user-controlled Practice Matching Program!

We have developed a Program that eliminates the risk to you by keeping your identity anonymous while also allowing qualified, approved Registered Buyers to search all of the opportunities at their own pace. And best of all, it’s free!

We will work with you to create your Practice Listing and then securely post it on our website where only our Registered Buyers have access. Your Practice Listing will contain only information that you are willing to share and Registered Buyers must request contact via a private and secure messaging system, so you have total control of the communications and your identifying information is never revealed until you are ready!


Why Choose Our Program?

The 3 biggest problems with conventional methods of finding a young orthodontist for your practice are:

  1. Preventing your referrals, patients, staff and competitors from learning about your plans before you are ready. You want to be the one who dictates when and how that is accomplished.
  2. The requirement that the junior orthodontists work through a broker or some other middleman who decides which opportunities to present as “the right opportunity.” Not only is that process very time consuming, who is to say your listing will get equal exposure?
  3. The cost. Most brokers charge 8-10% of the purchase price to find you a Buyer. In most cases, that is many tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

All Registered Buyers have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of a General Non-Disclosure Agreement and have gone through a verification process to ensure they are not current practice owners and that they are actively and legitimately seeking opportunities. Only orthodontists who do not own a practice are able to view our Listings, so you are protected from your staff, referral sources or competitors learning of your plans before you are ready.

Finding an Associate, Partner or Buyer can be an incredibly sensitive venture. You have built your practice through a lifetime of effort and you need to find the right person for your staff and patients. Let us help you clear that hurdle more easily and with greater confidence! Don’t risk your plans being prematurely revealed because you listed with some other Program that didn’t protect your anonymity.

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