What is the purpose of this program?

The intent of this program is to empower Practicing Orthodontists who are looking to hire an Associate, bring in a Partner or Sell their practice, by providing them with a no-cost means of finding Orthodontic Residents and Recent Graduates who are seeking those types of opportunities. It is expected that the parties involved (Registered Buyers and Registered Sellers) communicate with one another and decide on their own with whom to continue discussions, ultimately resulting in a finalized Practice Transition.

At all times, Registered Buyers and Registered Sellers are to respect the sensitive nature of this endeavor, are not to discuss or share, whether intentionally or otherwise, any of the information we have provided in this effort and are to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of a General Non-disclosure Agreement.

This program relies on the basic ethical nature of orthodontists and the integrity of the orthodontic community. The only way we can continue to provide our matching assistance program is by all parties involved respecting and adhering to strict confidentiality regarding the information being shared.

Note: We do not guarantee that a Practice Opportunity will be found and/or result in a finalized transition for any Registered Buyer; nor do we guarantee that listing a Practice Opportunity will result in a finalized transition for any Registered Seller.