Practice Matching Program

Note: This program is currently only available to Orthodontic Residents, Recent Orthodontic Graduates and Practicing Orthodontists. At this time, we are not providing matching assistance for General Dentistry or any other dental specialty; however, if you are interested in finding an opportunity or listing an opportunity for General Dentistry or any other dental specialty, please contact Steven Ziegler for more information.

The first step of any transition is often the most difficult. For Buyers, that’s finding the right opportunity and for Sellers, it’s finding the right person. Let us help you clear that hurdle more easily and with greater confidence!

There are many companies that claim they will find you the “perfect fit.” In our opinion, no one knows who’s better for you than you! Our Program is designed to remove the middleman and get the Buyer and Seller talking between themselves as quickly and effortlessly as possible while maintaining the Seller’s anonymity.

Our Practice Matching Program is currently FREE for both Buyers and Sellers and is the fastest and simplest Matching Program available anywhere.

Registered Sellers

Whether you want to hire an Associate, bring in a Partner or Sell your practice entirely, Ziegler Practice Transitions is here to help with the industry’s first, truly anonymous Practice Matching Program!

We will work with you to create your Practice Listing and then securely post it on our website where only our Registered Buyers have access. Your Practice Listing will contain only information that you are willing to share and Registered Buyers must request contact via a private and secure messaging system, so you have total control of the communications and your identifying information is never revealed until you choose do so!

All of our Registered Buyers have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of a General Non-Disclosure Agreement and have gone through a verification process to ensure they are actively and legitimately seeking opportunities, so you are protected against your staff, referral sources or competitors learning of your plans and intentions!

Finding an Associate, Partner or Buyer can be an incredibly sensitive venture. Don’t risk your plans being prematurely revealed because you listed with some other Program that didn’t protect your anonymity. List your Practice Opportunity with Ziegler Practice Transitions and list with confidence.

Registered Buyers

Are you interested in becoming an Associate, Partner or Buying a practice entirely? Ziegler Practice Transitions is here to help! Buyer Registrations are valid for one (1) year and can be renewed at anytime upon request.

As a Registered Buyer, you will be able to view all of the Practice Listings available throughout the country, or refine your search by a particular type of opportunity and/or state. So you’re not overloaded with information, Practice Listings are browsed in a limited-detail view and then expanded to reveal all of the information each Registered Seller is willing to share prior to one-on-one discussions.

When you find a Practice Opportunity of particular interest, you simply click a button to request contact and type a short message. That message is then sent to the Registered Seller along with all of your contact information so the Registered Seller can respond directly to you and begin discussions. Your contact information is only shared with the specific Registered Sellers from whom you request contact. Our Program is fast, easy and secure!

Note: It is against our policy to discuss any aspects of a Practice Listing beyond what is stated within that listing on the website. All inquiries must be directed to the specific Registered Seller through the online messaging feature. If a particular Registered Seller is not replying to inquiries, please contact Steven Ziegler for assistance. Thank you.