Our Services

Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd.is a dental practice transition consulting firm that specializes in Orthodontic Practice Transitions. Our firm focuses on the overall transition from beginning to end and we custom tailor each transition to fit the specific needs surrounding each unique situation. Our services cover the complete transition process from Practice Appraisal including Tax Allocation, through the negotiation process to Final Execution Documents for every possible type of transition: Associateships, Partnerships, Complete Practice Acquisitions and Fractional Practice Acquisitions. For all of our services we have predetermined, set fees (with the exception of Buyer Representation cases). This flat-fee structure allows you to know exactly what you are going to spend prior to any commitment being made.

Practice Appraisals

Determining the Fair Market Value of the practice is the first step of any dental practice transition, but there are other reasons for having a practice valuation on hand. Other than Practice Transitions, Estate Planning and Divorce Settlement are the two (2) most common scenarios when an Appraisal is needed. The value of a dental practice is vastly different for purposes of a Separation Agreement than it is for a Practice Transition, so it is extremely important to have the valuation done by someone experienced in those situations.

Dual Representation of the Buyer & Seller

We prefer to work with both Buyer and Seller functioning as a mediator / consultant / educator whose sole purpose is to deliver a fair-to-both, neutral transition. This method has been proven time and time again to be the fairest and simplest way to quickly deliver a win-win situation to both parties. Dual Representation is a far more cost effective and less confrontational method when compared to traditional hourly rates. In fact, it even surpasses our Single Representation services for Buyer or Seller with regard to affordability and fairness. It typically takes us about 100 days to complete the transition from the moment we receive the materials necessary to perform the Practice Appraisal to the delivery of the Final Execution Documents.

Note: Dual Representation is billed on a pre-disclosed, flat-fee structure. These fees are the sole responsibility of the Seller, but the Buyer that closes on the deal will reimburse the Seller for half of the document cost at the Closing.

Single Representation of the Seller

If you are a Seller and the Buyer desires independent counsel, we can represent your interest alone. In this situation, we will be drafting the documents. As a result, we will have greater control over the quality of the documents and overall fairness of the transition. This method will result in a similar transition timeline to that of Dual Representation. The cost is greater because you will not split the fees with the Buyer, however, the fees will be less than they would be with typical hourly-rate attorneys.

Note: Seller Representation is billed on a pre-disclosed, flat-fee structure. These fees are the sole responsibility of the Seller and will not include reimbursement from the Buyer.

Single Representation of the Buyer

If you are a Buyer and the Seller desires independent counsel, we can represent your interest alone. In this situation, we will be negotiating the deal on your behalf; however, we will not be drafting the documents. Therefore, we cannot ultimately control the quality of those documents. Furthermore, the fees for Buyer Representation are due regardless of whether or not you actually close on the purchase of the practice, unlike in Dual Representation cases. However, payment is not expected to occur until after you have graduated and begun working, not necessarily in the practice for which the fees are associated. The transition timeline in this scenario will largely be determined by the responsiveness Seller’s attorneys.

Note: Fees for Buyer Representation will be billed at the rate of $320 per hour with maximum limits.

Learning Center

Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. offers many different types of information to assist in the education of orthodontic residents, recent graduates and practicing orthodontists, as well as general dentists and other dental specialists. This is an excellent place to start learning about the different aspects of Practice Transition.

Practice Matching Program

When needed, we can also assist the Buyer and Seller in finding one another. Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. does not receive compensation for any matching efforts as this is not our primary business function. We merely offer this service as a courtesy to the profession and hope that you will choose our firm for your transition needs (Practice Appraisals, Associate Employment Agreements and Purchase & Sale documents).