Our Experience

Thomas F. Ziegler, DDS, MS, JD received his Dental Degree from The Ohio State University in 1965. He then served as a General Dentist in the United States Army (stationed in Munich, Germany) for three (3) years before returning to The Ohio State University for his orthodontic training. He received his Master of Science degree and orthodontic certificate in 1970 and then returned to Cincinnati, Ohio where he maintained a very successful orthodontic practice until his retirement in 2000. In 1978, Dr. Ziegler became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

In his thirty (30) years of orthodontic practice, Dr. Ziegler has operated as a sole-proprietor, an LLC, a C-Corporation and an S-Corporation. He has been an Associate, a Partner, a sole-practitioner and has both bought and sold practices. There is not a scenario in private practice that he has not personally experienced.

In 1995, Dr. Ziegler graduated from Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law and then founded Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. Since 1995, Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. has been involved in thousands of orthodontic practice transitions in all 50 states. Dr. Ziegler has given lectures for the American Association of Orthodontists, as well as several state and local component societies of the AAO and other state and local study groups. Dr. Ziegler was the principal practice transition speaker for 3M Unitek’s Bottom Line University Program (for orthodontic residents) from 1997 until 2012 when the program ended.

In 2002, Steven M. Ziegler joined Ziegler Practice Transitions, Ltd. and currently coordinates all client information and communication, performs Practice Appraisals, assists in transition negotiations, maintains the website, handles all marketing efforts and trade show participation, coordinates all webinar scheduling and development and manages our Practice Matching Program. Steve delivered the lecture to first-year residents for 3M Unitek's Bottom Line University Program and continues to develop new educational materials for our webinar series and our Learning Center so orthodontists can learn more about the practice transition process.

Note: Whether you are consulting with Tom or Steve at any point during your transition does not matter. We communicate with each other on every aspect of every transition in order to continue to deliver consistent and superior service to all of our clients.