About Us

Ziegler Practice Transitions is an industry-leading practice transition firm with a totally unique approach to the transition process. Unlike all other firms that utilize an adversarial "my side vs. your side" model, we prefer to work collaboratively with both the Buyer and Seller. We have found that most dentists want to avoid confrontation and develop an amicable relationship beneficial to both parties. After all, the Buyer will be taking control of a practice that the Seller has cultivated over decades. This is the person who is going to look after the patients, the staff and be a Seller's legacy. Why start that relationship off in such an opposing manner?

Having been involved in thousands of practice transitions since 1995, we bring a unique perspective to your individual situation. The practice transition process may be a one-time experience for you, but it was what we do all day, every day. We stress cooperation between Buyer and Seller and act as mediators / consultants / educators whose purpose is to make the practice transition progress as smoothly and easily as possible. You will find that our level of devotion to the education of our clients and our guidance throughout the transition process are unparalleled and essential to meeting our clients’ transition goals.

Our perspective and overall approach to practice transitions are founded upon the principals of fairness to both parties and we strive to keep the overall transition plan as even as possible. We look at the process from the perspective of three (3) orthodontists sitting down to discuss how the Buyer and Seller see the transition taking place. Then, from that perspective, we help design a transition plan that will work given the financial realities of the practice, while simultaneously acheiving the Buyer's and Seller's goals.