Client Testimonials – Rollins

100% Purchase & Sale and Partnership / Single Representation and Dual Representation

“I have worked with Tom and his team over the last 15 years as both a Buyer and a Seller of orthodontic practices; both as an Employer and as the elder member of a new Partnership. Tom’s representation is impeccable; his honesty and integrity are beyond reproach and his creativity is second to none. Tom is pleasant to work with and fair to everyone. I truly do not see the need for both parties to select individual representation when the science of practice transition is so studied, the numbers so much the same from valuation-to-valuation and the terms so similar from Seller-to-Seller and Buyer-to-Buyer. You should spend 99% of your time really, truly, deeply knowing your successor or your junior partner and take that last 1% to just call Tom.”

Douglas Rollins, DMD
Both Buyer & Seller